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Fabulous Attractions In Radium Hot Spring's Scenic Neighboring Communities and Surrounding Area
"Here, in Columbia Valley - a community of towns, villages and hamlets located at the headwaters of the Columbia River and Kootenay River - we have an abundance of attractions and activities, including golfing, hiking, biking, and river rafting."
"Visit Columbia Lake and Windermere Lake where you can play in the water or on the water with activities such as motor-boating, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing."
~Darren and Heidi Thompson, Owners, Sunset Motel and Cabins, Radium Hot Springs~
Attractions in Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia
Attractions near Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia
Attractions in nearby Kootenay National Park

Nearby National Parks

BC Rocky Mountain Communities:
Radium Hot Springs
Sunset Motel and Cabins is close to the famous Radium Hot Springs Mineral Pools.

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Attractions near Radium Hot Springs
Sightseeing or "Things To Do" near Sunset Motel and Cabins

Radium Hot Springs and Nearby Alpine Communities
Radium Hot Springs is located in the Columbia Valley, which is located in the BC Rocky Mountains. The BC Rocky Mountains feature many beautiful, alpine communities including those near Radium Hot Springs, which are Cranbrook, Golden, Invermere, and Windermere. These alpine communities are famous for their tourism amenities such as world class skiing, golfing, natural hot springs, river rafting, and their abundant wildlife.
Provincial and National Parks near Radium Hot Springs
Provincial and National Parks abound here, with six National Parks less than three hours travel of Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia. Only minutes from Radium Hot Springs is Kootenay National Park, a park rich in diversity of landscapes and ecology. Kootenay National Park features many wonderful attractions, including its popular Marble Canyon and Falls.
For water activities, such as fishing, boating, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, kiteboarding, and windsurfing, Canal Flats Provincial Park, Columbia Lake Provincial Park, and James Chabot Provincial Park are all within easy travel distance of Sunset Motel and Cabins in Radium Hot Springs. All three parks also offer beaches for sunbathing and picnicking.
For the more adventurous, nearby Bugaboo Provincial Park and Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park are popular destinations for hiking, biking, mountaineering, and alpine climbing.

Attractions near Radium Hot Springs, BC:

Most Popular Attraction near Radium Hot Springs:
Kootenay National Park
More Attractions near Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia:
Bugaboo Provincial Park
Canal Flats Provincial Park
Columbia Lake
Columbia Lake Provincial Park
Columbia River
Columbia River Valley Wetlands
Copper City Amusement Park
Fort Steele Heritage Town
Funtasia Fairmont Fun Park
James Chabot Provincial Park
Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
Mount Swansea Viewpoint
Windermere Lake
Attractions in Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia
You're Here:
Attractions near Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia
Attractions in nearby
Kootenay National Park
National Parks Near Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia
Rocky Mountain Communities near Radium Hot Springs
Kootenay National Park
Kootenay National Park, which covers 1,406 sq. km. in the Canadian Rockies, is minutes from the village of Radium Hot Springs. The 100 km long parkway is accessed at Radium Hot Springs in the south and from Banff in the north.
Experience amazing contrasts, towering summits, hanging glaciers, narrow chasms, colorful mineral pools, cactus-bearing slopes, semi-arid grasslands. This is a park rich in diversity of landscapes and ecology.
The park's main attractions include the Hot Springs, Olive Lake, Marble Canyon, Sinclair Canyon and the Paint Pots.
Bugaboo Provincial Park
Bugaboo Provincial Park is located in the Purcell Mountains west of the village of Radium Hot Springs. The 13,646 hectare remote wilderness park is a popular destination for mountaineering and alpine climbing. With glaciers, ice fields and peaks reaching over 3,000 metres, Bugaboo Provincial Park offers awe inspiring mountain and glacier terrain.
Bugaboo Park is located just north-west of Radium Hot Springs with access via forestry roads at Spillimacheen.
Bugaboo Provincial Park, continues to draw climbers from around the world to its airy, glacier-sculpted granite spires.
Canal Flats Provincial Park near Canal Flats, British Columbia
This day use park situated at the southern end of Columbia Lake offers spectacular mountain vistas and lakeshore recreation. It is a wonderful place for sunbathing, picnicking, water sports, boating and windsurfing.
The park has a public boat launch for access to the lake. An enclosed swimming area and adjacent picnic tables make this a perfect beach setting for lakeside outings.
Not far from the park are the remains of a canal, constructed in the 1880's, that connected Columbia Lake with the nearby Kootenay River, hence the name Canal Flats.
Columbia Lake near Golden, British Columbia
Columbia Lake is the primary lake at the headwaters of the Columbia River, in British Columbia. It is fed by several small tributaries. The village of Canal Flats is located at the south end of the lake.
Columbia Lake is a fresh water lake located along Highway 93 and 95, between the centers of Canal Flats and Fairmont Hot Springs in British Columbia. Its average July temperature of 18°C makes it the largest warm water lake in the East Kootenay. It has a typical depth of 15 feet with excellent water clarity as it enjoys a much smaller volume of boat traffic than its northern neighbor, Windermere Lake.
Columbia Lake Provincial Park near Golden, British Columbia
Columbia Lake Provincial Park is used in summer for windsurfing, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, kiteboarding, and boating.
Approximately three kilometers of undeveloped beach area allows for non-consumptive recreation opportunities (wildlife viewing, paddling, nature appreciation). Fishing on Columbia Lake is popular year round (whitefish, rainbow trout).
The wetland/marsh component of the park offers excellent opportunities for nature appreciation, viewing and photography. Also enjoy hiking and mountain biking.
Columbia River
The Columbia River begins at Columbia Lake, flows north through the Columbia Valley to Windermere Lake to Golden, British Columbia.
The Columbia River covers over 26,000 hectares extending from the Rocky Mountains in the east to the Purcell Mountains in the west. The river flows over 1,600 kilometers and at times is as wide as 5 kilometers.
The Columbia River offers the opportunity for many activities, including river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and swimming. Or you could simply picnic along its shore.
Columbia River Valley Wetlands
The Columbia River meanders 150 km through sedge meadows and marshes between Windermere and Golden. This is one of the richest wetland ecosystems in the world, populated by hundreds of species of birds, amphibians and mammals. The Columbia wetlands are home to the second-largest colony of Great Blue Herons in western Canada.
The Columbia Valley Wetlands protects sensitive grasslands, riparian areas, forest, marshes, bogs, alpine meadows and rocky cliffs. The wetlands is a popular destination for birdwatching and wildlife viewing. Tours are available in the Kootenay region for exploring the wetlands and its scenery.
Copper City Amusement Park in Windermere, British Columbia
Copper City Amusement Park in Windermere offers miniature golf, bumper boats with water blasters, a space ball ride, and a go-cart track. Fun for all ages. Great family fun.
Rent a scooter from Copper City Amusement Park and take a self-guided history tour of Windermere. The self-guided tour takes riders on a two to three kilometer loop, visiting seven sites of local interest. It takes in the picturesque 19th Century Stolen Church, which was dismantled and taken from a town near Golden in 1900. Other spots include the White House Pub, the cemetery, and Windermere Beach on the shore of Windermere Lake.
Fort Steele Heritage Town near Cranbrook, British Columbia
Fort Steele is perched on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains near Cranbrook. Since it's gold rush beginnings in 1864, the village of Fort Steele has gone from boomtown to regional centre to ghost town to one of the most important heritage attractions of its kind in British Columbia.
During the mining boom of the late 1890s, Fort Steele thrived. However, Fort Steele declined when the BC Southern Railway bypassed the town in favor of nearby Cranbrook. Today, Fort Steele is a Heritage Town, where visitors can travel back in time to the 1890s and enjoy re-enactments of the town's past history and heritage.
Funtasia Fairmont Fun Park in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia
At Funtasia Fairmont Fun Park, play Mini Golf on a course that was carefully sculpted into a live forest. This unique 18 hole mini golf course was designed by a world caliber billiards player to challenge the good golfers that come to the valley to play some of the most spectacular golf courses (there are about 15) but not overwhelm the novice. The result is a balanced, natural, captivating and truly satisfying course.
Enjoy a relaxing stroll amidst colorful flower gardens, lush grass, surrounded by the sweetest little animals and birds in our Animal Petting Park and Gardens. People of all ages love riding the Spin 'n' Bump Cars! While these cars require drivers to be 48" tall, our 2-seater passenger ships allow smaller kids to be included in the family fun.
James Chabot Provincial Park near Invermere, British Columbia
The broad sandy beach fronting Windermere Lake at James Chabot Provincial Park, near Invermere, attracts travelers searching for a pleasant, landscaped environment.
A broad, sandy beach backed with open grassy fields offers pleasant surroundings for travelers searching for a pleasant, landscaped environment.
A 350 meter elevated boardwalk allows visitors to view wildlife and appreciate the wetland within the park. This is a delightful spot for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, trout fishing and windsurfing. There is also a children’s playground.
Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is a place of shimmering lakes, glistening glaciers, sky scraping peaks and sun-dappled alpine meadows. World renowned Mount Assiniboine, at an elevation of 3,618 metres, is situated near the south east corner of the park. Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is located about 50 km northeast of Radium Hot Springs.
No roads penetrate this unspoiled wilderness, with hiking trails providing the only land access. Camping, hiking, mountain climbing and viewing spectacular mountain scenery are the main activities here, as well as fishing, horseback riding, and ski touring in winter.
Mount Swansea Viewpoint near Windermere, British Columbia
If you are feeling a little adventurous and don't mind a 15 minute hike, drive to the top of Mount Swansea, overlooking Invermere. Follow Windermere Loop Road until you spot the small wooden signs indicating Mount Swansea. From the parking area, it's a short hike to the peak, where picnic tables offer a grand, panoramic view of the entire valley.
Mount Swansea also features Swansea Loop Hiking Trail, which is 4.5 kilometers long and will get you to some great view points overlooking the valley. Hang-gliding and paragliding enthusiasts can launch themselves from the peak of Mount Swansea and soar over the majestic Columbia Valley for a birds-eye view of the stunning scenery in the area.
Windermere Lake near Windermere, British Columbia
Windermere Lake is the most popular body of water in the entire Columbia Valley of southeast British Columbia. Windermere Lake is a water recreation “playground" and offers several nice beaches. Pack a picnic, let the kids loose in the playground, shake out your towel and come for a dip.
Two communities are built around its shores: Invermere and Windermere. Windermere Lake is fed by, and feeds, the Columbia River Valley Wetlands.
Activities at Windermere Lake include motor-boating, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, fishing and other recreational activities.

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